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Enersound Makes Translation a Breeze for The Kabbalah Center

The Kabbalah Center is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, with centers in the US in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and Boca Raton.

Kabbalah, which literally means ‘to receive’ is an ancient wisdom aimed at teaching members how to receive fulfillment in their lives. The Kabbalah Center is a diverse spiritual community committed to making the teachings of Kabbalah relevant to our everyday life. It’s open to people of all faiths, and promotes the expansion of consciousness as a way to eliminate chaos, pain and suffering throughout the world. The Kabbalah Center runs multiple events over the course of the year, which attract a wide variety of people. Their Miami community engages about 85% of Spanish speaking students and only counts with one Spanish teacher. In order to meet the needs of their Spanish-speaking community they found Enersound translation systems as a solution to provide classes translated into their native language.

Hanna Picciotto, the Communications Manager, explains. “We were already familiar with Enersound’s translation equipment, as we had rented from their sister company before for large events. After determining what our needs were, Enersound recommended we purchase a 50-Person Multichannel Translation System with Interpreter monitor, which we can expand to an unlimited number of additional receivers as our center continues to grow.” The system features up to 1000 ft. coverage area for the transmitter and receivers, is very portable and lightweight, and offers superior sound quality. The integrated interpreter monitoring function on the T-500 base transmitter allows the center’s interpreters to select an external incoming audio source and use the headest with microphone to listen to the source language without needing an interpreter console or external headphone amplifiers. The interpreters can set their incoming audio level, as well as silence the microphone via a mute button as needed. “We use the translation for events, classes and services at the center – anywhere that we need to present in a second language,” says Picciotto. “About 70% of our classes and events offer translation services and we look forward to incorporating Portuguese translation as well in the future. We view our center in Miami as a hub for our Latin America study groups, and are encouraging Kabbalah students in Latin America to do so as well.

With the help of Enersound, we know that we will be able to meet the growing needs of not only our Spanish-speaking members, but also other non-English speaking members as well.”

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