Professional Portable Translation/Tourguide System

Simultaneous Interpretation/Tourguide System

This Portable Wireless Translation/ Tourguide System provides superior sound quality and full mobility, combining multiple-channel transmitter and receivers, as well as improved reliability and versatility. It can be expanded by adding an unlimited number of additional receivers. More foreign languages/ auditory sources can be added for a maximum of 6 in the same area by purchasing 1 additional transmitter and microphone per auditory source.

This system is ideal for factories, tourist attractions, zoos, theme parks, museums, schools, hotels and resorts, bus tours, courtrooms, business meetings and more.

The system is sold in different configuration to accommodate most needs. The bundles include options for 5, 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 people. This is done by increasing the numbers of the included FM receivers.

Note: This system requires a human language interpreter, it does not translate automatically. 


• 17-channel digital FM transmitter with LCD screen

• 20-channel digital FM receivers with LCD screen

• Complimentary dual stereo earphones

• Superb sound quality and reliability

• Multiple carrying options included: belt clip, Velcro armband, neck strap

• Compatible with most 72-76 Mhz FM systems

• Small & lightweight

• No seating restrictions

• Operating range of 150 ft (45m)

Can you expand this tour guide system?

Yes, you can purchase additional wireless receivers with headphones for more participants in your tour group, and extra portable transmitters for multiple groups/ guides.

What is the warranty on this system?

This professional system includes limited lifetime warranty on both receivers and transmitters. If the product is determined to be defective, we will repair or replace it, at our discretion, at no charge. Customer must pay for shipping. This warranty is void if damage occurred because of misuse or if the product has been repaired or modified by anyone other than a factory-authorized service technician. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on the product or any other physical damage unless the damage was the result of a manufacturing defect. Damage due to battery leakage, water, sweat, corrosion, humidity, extreme temperature, chemicals, or any other external factor is not covered under this warranty.

What is the difference between this and the TSC-10 system?

This TSP-10 system includes lifetime warranty, and the TSC-10 includes 3-year warranty. Also, the transmitter in this system has 17 channels or frequencies and only 4 channels in the TSC-10 system. The receivers on this system have 20 selectable channels and only 1 programmable channel in the TSC-10 system. This system is ideal when you have multiple tour groups within close proximity and allows the participant to select the desired channel to listen to their tour guide. The TSC-10 is an economical option for locations when you have one group only.

What is the range of this system?

This system has a range of up to 150 ft (50 meters.)

How many systems can be used together?

The portable Enersound TSP-10 professional tour guide system allows 6 channels to be used simultaneously in the same area. More systems can be used if they are separated from each other.

Can I use the TSP-10 both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, this system is perfect for plant tours, training workshops, small meetings, visit to museums, zoos, theme parks, and more.

What type of batteries do the transmitter and receivers use?

The transmitter uses 2 AA batteries, and the receivers use 2 AAA batteries. Batteries can be either alkaline or NiMH.

What is the battery life on the receivers and transmitter?

The battery life on the R-120 receivers is up to 55 hours with alkaline batteries and up to 40 hours with NiMH Rechargeable. The battery life on the TP-600 transmitter is up to 25 hours with alkaline batteries and up to 22 hours per charge with NiMH batteries. It can be recharged in 6-7 hours with the optional CHR-600 drop in charger.

  • Manual TP-600
  • Manual TP-600 español
  • Brochure TP-600
  • Manual R-120
  • Manual R-120 español
  • Brochure R-120
  • Brochure R-120 español
  • Brochure Professional Portable Language Translation/Tourguide System TSP