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Sound-Proof Translation – Interpretation Booth

Fully-enclosed interpretation booth for 2 interpreters

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Product Description

A fully enclosed interpretation booth provides acoustic separation between interpreters and the conference participants allowing for a comfortable working environment. This enables interpreters to maintain the intense effort of concentration required by their work and reduces the sound of their voices from outside the booth. Thus, there is no disturbance to the audience or other interpreters in other booths.

Our translation booths are ideal for simultaneous interpretation, meetings and conferences and can provide the perfect visual and two-way audio communication between the interpreters and the participants!

Features of our 15-panel sound-proof, full-sized translation booths:

  • Size: 6’ width x 4’depth x 6.5’ height
  • Can accommodate 2 interpreters comfortably
  • Includes (2) H.D. 55 CFM silent whisper 110 volts fan assembly unit CSA approved with (2) electric outlet for accessories
  • Light weight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes (2) ATA shipping cases on wheels (105 Kg for 2 cases)


  • Easy install working table
  • Double Plexiglass window
  • Air conditioning
  • Sound proof flooring
  • Interior partition systems
  • Custom size built