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BAT-200 Replacement Battery

Replacement rechargeable NiMH battery for PA-200 waistband voice amplifier.

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This 7.2v/900mA rechargeable NiMH battery is specially designed to power the PA-200 waistband voice amplifier for up to 12 hours of use per charge for the longest lasting performance of its kind. It can be recharged in about 3-4 hours inside the PA-200 amplifier with its original power supply PS-200.

• Powerful rechargeable NiMh replacement battery for PA-200
• Provides power for up to 12 hours of use
• No memory effect
• 3-4 hour recharge time

• Type: Nickel–metal hydride
• Voltage/Capacity: 7.2v/900mA
• Weight 2.8 Oz / 80 gr
• Dimensions: L 1.4″ x W 0.9″ x H 2.1″ (L 35mm x W 23mm x H 54mm)
• Charging Saturation Limit: 8.4v
• Charging time with PA-200: 3-4 hours