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1. Minimum interior dimensions
Width: 2.40 m for 2 or 3 interpreters, 3.20 m for 4 interpreters
Depth: 1.60 m
Height: 2.00 m
N.B. For very short meetings (max. 1 hour), sometimes 1.60 m wide booths are allowed.

2. Doors
At its back or side, each booth shall have a hinged door without a lock that opens outwards, providing direct access from the room or platform. It shall operate silently.

3. Ventilation
The booth shall be fitted with an effective ventilation system, ensuring complete air renewal at least eight times per hour, without causing draughts on seated occupants. This means one ventilator per roof panel. It shall operate as soundlessly as possible.

4. Windows
Each booth shall have front and side windows. For maximum visibility, front windows shall span the full width of the booth. Vertical support shall be as narrow as possible and shall not be in the central field of view of any working position. Windowpanes shall be colourless, clean and free from scratches.

5. Platform
Mobile booths shall be placed on a carpeted platform about 30 cm high, which produces no mechanical noise, leaving a passage of minimum 1.30 m wide behind the booths, at the same height as the booth floor; it has safe access.

6. Distance between booths and participants
A free space (min. 1.50 m) shall be provided between the last row of chairs and the booths to avoid participants being disturbed by voices from the booths.

For more details about this regulation you can visit the ISO official page at: