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How our products can bridge language barriers

How long will a newcomer continue to attend religious services where he/she barely understands what is being said? Houses of worship seek to bring people together in a community with the same beliefs, not separate people because of a different language or culture.

Enersound language interpretation equipment (also referred to as simultaneous interpretation or simultaneous translation) allows the members of the congregation to hear what the preacher is saying in their own language, in real time, through the voice of an interpreter. These devices are simple to use and can be portable so they can be used in spiritual retreats or any service that takes place outdoors, or they can be stationary for fixed settings like a traditional house of worship or auditorium, where they can work in tandem with the existing PA system.

Congregations may want to spread their message to the hard of hearing at their church, mosque, or synagogue and Enersound has come up with state-of-the-art assistive listening systems that allow for greater participation by enabling the message to be heard by congregants of all ages and hearing abilities.

Lastly, the recent health situation in which we were all thrusted in unwillingly has necessitated the addition of yet another electronic device to any place where people gather indoors: Temperature Screening Solutions. We at Enersound understand how cumbersome can be to have a person posted at the entrance with a handheld device, manually checking the temperature of each congregant that goes inside. Therefore, we have devised an alternative: an automatic free standing Temperature Screening Kiosk which completely eliminates the need for manual checks. It can automatically screen for temperature and emit voice, visual and email alerts whenever an elevated value is detected. And it also has a mask detection feature that can be enabled if your congregation makes the use of masks mandatory.