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About Us

Enersound is a leading manufacturer dedicated to developing and manufacturing high-quality audio products, including conference discussion systems (push-to-talk), simultaneous interpretation, tour guide and assistive listening systems, portable sound, microphones and earphones, cases, translation booths among other products. In addition, we also distribute meticulously tested and selected products that complement our product line. At Enersound we have a passion for innovation and this is reflected in our state-of-the art equipment.

Enersound relies on a highly-trained research and development team with over 30 years of experience in the audio industry. Our group is not only supported by experts in electronics, but also by professionals with vast experience in the utilization of pro audio and conference equipment. This is the reason why our products stand above the rest with their unique, user-oriented features, and the highest levels in performance and durability.

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Linda“I’m a Florida court certified interpreter working freelance.  That means that I do civil law, not criminal (staff interpreters handle criminal court), although there are times when I do get to go to jail to help attorneys communicate with their clients.  I work mostly in state courts including civil, family, and workers compensation courts, but have also worked in federal civil court.

 A few years ago on my first court assignment, I found myself in court having to speak to three plaintiffs in simultaneous mode.  I was expected to speak softly enough not to interfere with the proceedings but loudly enough for them to hear me.  I didn’t have any equipment and found that modulating my voice to let all three plaintiffs hear me without disturbing the attorney next to them was a bit tricky.  I immediately saw the need for equipment, but being a newbie, let it go until I was in another courtroom with a plaintiff who had been injured. For me to be able to speak to him (again, without interfering with the proceedings) I spent three hours stretched over a table (some of the workers compensation courtrooms have limited space). Needless to say, my back reminded me for the following week that I shouldn’t have worked in that position!  And I can tell you that that experience convinced me that equipment wasn’t optional, it was mandatory for court.

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Gio“I love my job. At times I actually feel like an actress: today I am a hairdresser, tomorrow the Attorney General, next week a physician leading a WHO research team or simply a businessman… The surprises never cease.

Preparing myself is always a challenge, and one of the most exciting parts of an interpreter’s job. I need to make sure that my body is well – my vocal chords are healthy, no sinus problems, etc. I also have to learn a new set of words related to my assignment which means research, glossary development, talking with my booth partner to agree on terminology, for example.

After all this preparation, a trip, usually followed by a short and restless night sleep, and a hurried breakfast the last thing I need is to have to learn a complex set of commands and buttons when I enter the booth. And I have worked with many different ones, even some held together by tape.

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