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ACP-150 Firmware update guide

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Please note that the PC software will need to be deleted and replaced after the firmware update. Also, the password and  many settings including network settings might be restored to factory default. The face database and records should not be lost but is always a good idea to create a backup.

Note: If you require a firmware without P2P service, you can download it here. The P2P service “FaceEye” will contact servers in the USA and Asia so that the service can  be available when needed.

Important, the new firmware has 3 temperature modes: NORMAL, SMART and QUICK. You should always use the SMART mode ,

Please do not use QUICK  mode as it was developed for very specific applications where speed is essential but requires professional calibration and accuracy is decreased.

Some of the main changes are:

Version 201016

*New  default Voice Alerts

* e-mail notifications now support TLS 1.2 encryption. Required for some e-mail servers like outlook 365. (Please use port 587 and TLS enabled)

*IPC Config Client software now does not require User account Control on most computers.

Version 200903

*E-mail alert will display temperature values in Fahrenheit degrees.

*Temperature algorithms improved for speed and distance.

*Bug fixed when doing a record search with condition “Temperature Overheat” no records found.

*System will request a secure password to be created at first login

Firmware update procedure assuming the IPC software (or device Config Client)  is already installed on a computer connected to the ACP-150 panel  :

Before proceeding you will have to obtain the latest firmware update file (xxxx.update) from the manufacturer. Note: Please do not power off the device or disconnect the network during the upgrade process, to avoid update failure, or cause device data loss.

  1. Open the PC software (called IPC or device Config Client) and click on the magnifying glass icon  to enter the device search.

If multiple devices are connected to the LAN network, you will see all of them listed as shown below.

  1. Select the device or devices you wish to update and click in the checkbox at the left of each device
  2. If the password is not stored in the IPC Search module, you will need to enter the password of the device by clicking on the password edit button (default password is 888888)
  1. Click on the BROWSE button to locate the new firmware file on your computer and press BATCH UPGRADE button
  2. Wait for the process to finish. Once finished, the ACP-150 will restart. DO NOT DISCONNECT THE POWER ON THE ACP-150 until the unit restarts.
  3. Go to “Add or Remove Programs” on windows and uninstall the “IPC Demo” Software form your computer
  4. Re install the new IPC software. For this you will have to download it from the ACP-150 panel by opening Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge and typing in the IP address of the device (Default IP:
  5. Once the IPC config software is installed, log in for the first time with the default password 888888 and change it  to a secure password. Please write it down and keep it in a safe place for future use. DO NOT LOSE IT!