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NKL-402 Professional Neckloop with Break Away safety feature 3.5mm Stereo plug

NKL-102 Induction Neckloop with Stereo 3.5mm Plug for T-Switch Hearing Aids

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The Enersound NKL-401 Neckloop functions as a wireless connection to hearing aids equipped with a “T” coil, also known as T-Switch. Listeners simply connect the loop into their wireless receiver’s headphones output, place the loop around their neck, and the hearing aid receives the sound and amplifies it into the ear. 

This neckloop has been designed to work with mono devices and pseudo stereo devices from Williams Sound, Listen Tech and Gentner. It is also compatible with any audio device which has headphones output through a 3.5mm mono jack (6-16 Ohms) with a minimum output power of 16 mW. Not recomnmended for low audio devices like TV remote controls, Roku remote controls and cel phones and tablets.

The NKL-401 has a Safety Breakaway Feature. If the neckloop cord gets tangled with a moving object, the breakaway device, under certain circumstances, will disconnect the neckloop from the user, reducing the risk of injury.

Compatibility Note:
•The NKL-401 works ONLY with mono devices and pseudo stereo devices like Williams Sound, Listen Tech and Gentner receivers.
•For Enersound R120 receivers and any other true stereo receiver, use Enersound NKL-402 neckloop.
•The NKL-401 works ONLY with hearing aids equipped with a telephone coil (T-Switch).

•Use with any hearing aid equipped with a “T” coil
•Use with any ListenTech, Williams Sound and Gentler receivers
•Safety Breakaway Feature to reduce risk of injury