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No matter the language spoken at your event, Enersound simultaneous interpretation equipment will simplify the interpreters’ job in a professional manner. The audience will also enjoy an accurate and clear wireless transmission of the message in their native language.
Our equipment has been specially developed by our highly-experienced team of engineers who stand by this most reliable, durable and robust equipment with unique, smart features that represent a major improvement in the specific field of spoken translation.

Enersound assistive listening devices can be used to improve comprehension by people who have difficulty hearing or understanding speech in various settings including meetings, houses of worship, movie theatres, schools, municipal buildings, etc. The audio is sent wirelessly straight to their ears, avoiding the degrading effects of noise and distance on speech intelligibility.

Whether it is a board meeting, a convention, a teleconference or any other situation where the voice of several participants needs to be amplified or transmitted, there is nothing like the clarity and simplicity of Enersound Conference and Discussion Systems. With just a simple cable run, up to 150 microphone units can be connected in a breeze for a noise and feedback-free, crystal clear sound.

The experience of exploring the Niagara Falls with a group of tourists, visiting a manufacturing plant with a team of foreign investors, or going on a campus tour with prospective students will definitely be more enriching with Enersound wireless tour group or portable sound products. To overcome acoustic challenges like ambient noises, distance between the guide and participants, or auditory difficulties, our FM products allow the message to be delivered wirelessly directly into the listeners’ headphones for an interference-free, memorable experience.

Whether it’s a teacher in a classroom, a sales manager in a product presentation, an entertainer at a birthday party, a counselor at a summer camp or a fitness instructor at a beach boot camp, there is no need for them to strain their voice any more. With the Enersound portable sound systems, voice or music will be delivered effortless to any audience in various situations, both indoors and outdoors for a crystal clear sound.