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Bakersfield College Campus Reopening

  • Client: Bakersfield College
  • Product: ACP-150H Temperature Screening Kiosks with Adjustable Floor Stand
  • Location: Bakersfield, CA
  • Challenge/ Solution: In an effort to promote social distancing and following CDC Guidelines due to COVID-19,  Bakersfield College closed its campus to the public on March 19, 2020 and started worked remotely. As the campus is now slowly opening back up, we are following the proposed Federal and State Guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety and health. Our Financial Aid Director is in charge of overseeing the items needed for the re-opening.  She suggested Conference Microphones and we looked at their Temperature Screening Kiosks so they could be placed in different locations throughout the campus/buildings for those departments who service students on daily basis. I spoke with Monica Guelman and she suggested the Enersound ACP-150H Access Control Panel with High Resolution Thermal Sensor (768 pixels) with the Adjustable Floor Stand. An order for 12 units was submitted and received within a few days of the order. This model works perfectly as it is placed near entrances where foot traffic is expected. Most of the staff and faculty at Bakersfield College have received the COVID-19 vaccine, and we know many students are also getting the vaccine. However, with so many unknowns and new incoming students (and parents alike), we like to make sure that our visitors are adhering to the rules and guidelines. The Temperature Screening Kiosks add a little more peace of mind and so we can follow the safety protocol put in place. We will begin to see more students coming to campus during the summer session which begins in June (through August) and perhaps even more in the Fall Semester (late August). Although masks mandates are being lifted in many parts in the State of California, Bakersfield College will maintain its safety procedures by utilizing this product.