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MIC-550 Professional Headset Microphone

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Product Description

The Enersound MIC-550 is a professional miniature headset microphone designed to work together with body pack wireless transmitters. It is ideal for speech and any application requiring minimal visibility and improved gain before feedback over lavalier microphones. Its outstanding voice clarity and comfortable design, makes it the ideal choice for live sound amplification, corporate events, houses of worship, audiovisual presentations, among other applications. Note: The MIC-500 will not work if connected directly into an audio mixer since it was designed to work in conjunction with body pack wireless transmitters with a phantom power between 1V and 10V DC. Do not connect the MIC-500 headset microphone directly into a mixer with phantom power since it will damage it and may cause injury. The maximum voltage allowed by the MIC-500 is 10V DC. Audio Mixers will usually provide 48V phantom power which exceeds the maximum voltage capacity of the headset.

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