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R-120 FM Receiver With 20 User-selectable Channels

20-Channel programmable, FM receiver with LCD display for language interpretation and assistive listening applications.

The Enersound R-120 is a 20-channel professional FM receiver specifically designed for wireless multi-language simultaneous interpretation (also called simultaneous translation) and multi-channel assistive listening applications. The Enersound R-120 receiver is ideal for all kinds of conferences and executive meetings. It is the equipment preferred by simultaneous translation equipment rental companies, providers of audiovisual equipment, houses of worship, governmental entities, travel and tourism, conference venues and interpreters. It is compatible with most FM systems currently on the market that operate on the 72-76 MHz frequency band. Its multiple features were designed to save time in this highly demanding business. Its attractive design, innovative technical specifications, and unique versatility make it the leading product in its field. The R-120 receiver has a digital LCD display with channel, low battery and volume level indicators. It also features a channel lock function. It is compatible with stereo earphones.

In any conference or event with hundreds of receivers, there is no time to deal with interferences that may require several hours to reprogram each of the devices. There is nothing like the simplicity of the Enersound R-120 receiver! By pressing a single button you can switch frequencies that are strategically allocated.

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  • • 20 programmable channels
  • • Compatible with most 72-76 Mhz FM systems
  • • Superb sound quality
  • • LCD screen with optional backlight (R-120BL only)
  • • On-screen low battery indicator
  • • On-screen volume indicator
  • • Easy to use
  • • Optimized for simultaneous interpretation
  • • Ideal for multichannel applications
  • • Innovative and attractive design
  • • Robust engineering for maximum reliability and durability
  • • Small & lightweight
  • • Multiple carrying options:
  • Belt clip
  • Neck strap
  • Velcro arm-band
  • • Channel lock feature
  • • 100% digitally tuned
  • • Direct access to channel selectors
  • • Utilizes 2 x 1.5V AAA Alkaline or Rechargeable batteries
  • • Low battery consumption (up to 35 working hr.)
  • • Headphones included
  • • Lifetime Exchange Warranty. See warranty information for more details.
  • • Number of channels: 20 programmable.
  • • Frequency range: FM 72.0 to 76.0 MHz.
  • • FM deviation: +/- 75 KHz
  • • De-emphasis: 75 uS.
  • • Sensitivity: 1.413 uV at 12 db SINAD.
  • • Signal to noise ratio: 55 db at 100 uV.
  • • Audio frequency response: 70 Hz to 15 khz
  • • Audio output power: 16 mW +16mW at 16 ohm.
  • • Audio connector: 3.5mm stereo phone jack.
  • • Distortion: THD 0.5%
  • • Current consumption: 27 mA nominal
  • • Battery: 2xAAA (1.5V x 2)
  • • Dimensions: 3” Diameter / 76 mm.
  • • High: 1.22″ / 31 mm.
  • • Weight without batteries: 2.3 ounces / 65 gr.
  • • Weight with batteries: 3.1 ounces / 88 gr.
  • • Accessories included: Stereo headphones, arm band, neck strap, belt clip.

Factory Pre-Set Frequencies*


* Can be modified by the user.

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Q: What is the difference between a true multichannel receiver like the R120 and receivers with seek-button channel selection?
A: True multichannel receivers like the R120 allow the user to easily select the desired channel (for example the desired language in a multi-language event) by pressing the channel buttons and see their selection on the LCD screen. These receivers are ideal for language interpretation and assistive listening as they are fully flexible allowing users to change the channel at any time. Receivers with seek-button channel selection do not allow the user to easily select the desired channel since they do not have visible channel buttons. They do not feature a visual indicator of the selected channel either. These receivers are designed to be individually preprogrammed by the operator utilizing an internal seek button before the start of the event, as they are single-channel programmable receivers.

Q: How many receivers can I have in a system?
A: As many as you need, there is no maximum number of receivers in a system as long as they stay within the transmitter´s coverage area.

Q: Can the R120 receiver be used with multiple transmitters in the same room?
A: Yes. The R120 can be used with multiple transmitters. The user can switch among the various channels to listen to the different languages or audio programs.

Q: Does the R120 receiver automatically translates from one language into another one?
A: No, the R120 only reproduces the audio from the voice of a human interpreter that is transmitted through an FM transmitter.