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Why choose Enersound?

We understand how daunting it must be for our first-time customers to try and find the right Translation/Interpretation system for their business, church, school, meeting or event. Finding the right product can be a head-spinning task that comprises endless searches, comparisons and price ranges, where every vendor gives their utmost assurance that the system they offer will cover the customer’s every need. 

Why, then, trust Enersound with such a significant investment over our myriad competitors at both a higher and lower price range?

Introducing: The Enersound Difference

With our 30+years of experience in the audio and simultaneous interpretation business, we’ve been witnesses to many changes and developments in the field. Technologies that have been touted as revolutionary and game-changing have come and gone, others have become mainstays, while stalwarts such as FM systems have retained their tried-and-true status over generations and among a complex range of professional and private uses. This versatility and reliability – while maintaining strict quality guidelines – is where Enersound systems make a difference. 

1) High Price Does not Always Equal Quality or Features

Many systems with a hefty price tag are initially alluring because conflating quality, features and high standards of manufacturing, complete bundling or versatility is very common. One should take into account that.

– Many high-priced systems don’t come bundled with all of the necessary equipment to work as advertised. Most of these systems proclaim their superior capabilities, but you have to purchase many additional items to make them work in the intended manner. Enersound translation and interpretation systems work exactly in the manner advertised by providing all of the requisite components straight out of the box. Having to purchase additional earpieces, microphones or units just to attain the basic functionality is an issue you won’t encounter with us!

– Most translation and interpretation systems have been on the market for years without any significant improvements while retaining their original pricing, or even going up! Even when such improvements prove to be absolutely necessary, like the Interpreter Monitor function of the Enersound T-500 transmitter, which allows the user to connect the T-500 directly to the soundboard or PA System to get an audio feed from the presenter’s microphone. Amazingly, in 2018, many interpreters are spending all of their money on systems that require them to listen over the air, losing many of the words or fumbling their intended meaning because of a mix of audience chatter and physical distance from the presenter! Forget about working from another room or in the comfort of an Interpreter Booth without an Interpreter Monitor!

– You get the prices set directly from the manufacturer, with no intermediaries or added costs, as we offer our clients the lowest possible prices that will bring them added value for less out-of-pocket investment. When you purchase through us, you know you’re getting the best deal!

2) If you go for Cheap, you get what you pay for

A question that keeps coming up in our conversations with prospective customers is the converse of the previous one: “Why shouldn’t I go for a cheap system that will cover my basic needs?”; a query that will lead to multiple answers as to why going for systems of unknown origin is more trouble than it’s worth. 

– A great deal of the systems that usually are advertised for very low prices tout “Church-ready” or “Corporate-grade” on their product names, but fail to mention that they are not compliant with FCC rules and guidelines, making their use not only illegal in the US and Canada, but will also increase the chance for interference with other systems, including car radios, cellphones or other translation systems! Working in a conference room, school or church while dealing with interference issues can be an excruciating affair that will displease the crowd and alienate non-native speakers, and that’s the first possible problem that should be addressed when choosing a system – and that’s to say nothing of the possible fines levied against offenders who use a system that’s non-compliant with FCC rules (within the 72-76mzh range)! 

To play it safe and avoid costly legal consequences, always purchase systems from US or Canadian retailers that sell FCC and IC approved equipment. Purchasing an FCC/ IC approved system within the 72-76 MHz band, does not require any additional licensing on your part. If purchasing an interpretation system from a foreign seller, always request the FCC ID for the product you intend to purchase and verify their authenticity at FCC website. The FCC ID is an alphanumeric code. For example, the Enersound T500 transmitter FCC ID is 2ABY4T500. Keep this in mind!

– We haven’t even touched the issue of manufacture and equipment quality, which can drop-off significantly when compared with Enersound or other US based manufacturers. You may feel you’re getting the better deal by acquiring a system with a slight price tag, but you may quickly come to realize that taking quality seriously means a commitment to you! It’s likely that untested online vendors and unknown brands won’t offer products that use quality materials and design principles that will provide you with a lasting solution for your translation equipment needs, and will leave you rushing to buy another system when they don’t work as advertised or the system suffers breakages or malfunctions after a short period – always stay informed about warranty and return policies, which are your defense against irresponsible salesmanship or low-quality manufacture. Enersound prides itself on offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our products, with ethical and competitive repair, replacement and return policies. Your happiness keeps us motivated!

In sum, Enersound systems have an edge over our competitors because we provide the best bang-for-your-buck solutions, responsible, high-quality manufacture, FCC compliance, great customer and technical support, a wide range of systems for every consumer need, features that are absent from even higher-priced systems, and most importantly, many happy customers that can attest to the effectiveness and quality of our products, which makes us proud to be Enersound!

5-Person Translation System with T500